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Privacy Policy

Every website, software and app required an Privacy Policy. It explains how your company manage user’s data.

Terms Of Service

Most of websites, Games and Apps offer service or subscriptions. Then you need TOS page.

Return & Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy Generator can help your eCommerce store by creating a returns or refunds policy.

Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy is now required. Our Privacy Policy included basic policy. Use this if you need more options.


Use EULA Generator to create a customized End-User License Agreement for your mobile or desktop app.

Disclaimer Policy

Create a disclaimer or disclosure for your publishing & Downloading website.

Affiliate Agreement

Running Affiliate website using Affiliate programs or referral programs? Then you need to put a Affiliate Agreement.

Confidentiality Disclosure

Sharing something private or legal documents? You need a Confidentiality Disclosure policy.

Amazon Affiliate

Every Amazon Affiliate site needs special Affiliate policy on their website. We got you covered.

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